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"Looking back, I wish I would have quit sooner," she said.

Campoamor's is one of several unique situations moms face, when breastfeeding for a year isn't best.

Breast milk has many proven benefits, including improved immunity and lower risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Some studies even show breastfeeding improves a child's cognitive function, but that's up for debate.

"Trying to breastfeed and trying to continue to work and live up to expectations definitely contributed to my postpartum depression."Campoamor breastfed exclusively for seven months.

She cried when her partner gave her son formula, but felt healthier after making the decision to stop.

Here is a clear list of breastfeeding duties for dad that you can print out and hand to your partner before the baby comes. Read a breastfeeding book or better yet, go with your wife to a breastfeeding class.

Not only will this help you understand the basic terms that are now the center of your wife’s universe (like colostrum, latch, foremilk, and let-down) but it will show your wife how much you care about her efforts and how eager you are to be a solid parenting partner. Keep water bottles full and within arm’s reach at all nursing stations.

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"There are reasons for why people stop breastfeeding ...Until this point in their lives, most men thought of breasts as being merely decorative.It’s not really fair of us to expect them to do their fair share if we haven’t bothered explaining what we expect of them.Let’s give our men a better understanding of what their new relationship with breasts will be about: choosing to breastfeed doesn’t mean your partner is totally off the hook.There are many ways they can help the nursing process that don’t require milk ducts. The first step to helping in any situation is understanding what you’re dealing with.

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